I am thrilled that I was referred to Derek/Fairway Plumbing. He just completed a 2nd repair project in our house (both in 2014) and in both cases I feel that prices were fair (didn't need to mortgage the house or anything close to that). He was on time for our appointment. He diagnosed the problem quickly, shared and showed me what was necessary, completed the project quickly, added a couple of "attention to detail" fixes, kept it clean, and was on his way. I felt that it was ironic that I needed a plumber so close to Halloween, as I put my perception of plumbing bills right up there with the scariest of October movies, yet my worst fears were far from the reailty of the situation. I feel that I will never again need to ask the "who ya gonna call" question for any plumbing work.  I expect that if we were neighbors, we would probably be friends.  Nice guy!

Martin B.,