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Fairway Plumbing IsĀ  A Local Company Serving Apple Valley, CA.

Apple Valley Plumber

At Fairway Plumbing in Apple Valley, CA. we specialize in all aspects of plumbing:
Sewer Repair - Apple Valley, CA.
Sewer Replacement
TV Sewer Inspection
Sewer Stoppage Clearing - Apple Valley, CA.
Electronic Sewer Locating
Electronic Leak Detection - Apple Valley, CA.
Slab Leaks
Leak Locating - Apple Valley, CA.
Leaks Under the Sink
Leaks in the Wall - Apple Valley, CA.
Leaks Outside the House
Garbage Disposal Service and Replacement
Toilet Installs and Repairs
Toilet Stoppages - Apple Valley, CA.
Sink Stoppages
Water Heater Install - Apple Valley, CA.
Water Heater Repair (most brands)
Pressure Regulator Repairs and New Installs
Faucet Leaks - Apple Valley, CA.
Faucet Repairs - Apple Valley, CA.
Faucet Replacements

Water Heater Repair and Installations
Broken water heaters can take all your hot water away which nobody enjoys. Hot water heaters are vital to a home. If your hot water heater needs repairing or installation, we have all major brands in stock. We can come and do a full installation at an affordable rate. We are a local Apple Valley based plumbing company.

Shower - Faucet Leaks
Water that is leaking can cause dangerous mold in your home. A professional can detect where the leak is coming from so you can stop it at the water source. Fairway Plumbing has the latest tools to detect leaks in walls and slab leaks.

Garbage Disposal Repairs Apple Valley CA.
Garbage disposals can break or the motors can wear out after many uses. Fairway Plumbing can come to the rescue with popular disposal brands to install in your home. Garbage disposal calls in Apple Valley are very common.

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